Meet the Characters

Mother to the Future Soccer Champion of the World. Still, sometimes I feel sorry for Mom, considering who her two youngest sons are.

My genius older sister. Can she make the rest of us Striker kids look any dumber? Even her hiccups sound smart.

Ronnie Ruiz
My best friend and future millionaire. He knows how to dress for success. In sixth grade, that’s priceless.

The “Brick”
Seventh grade goalie with the world’s worst tuna breath. He’s the guy everyone loves to hate, including the Central Park wildlife.

Zane and Zephyr, a.k.a. Z2
You’d think since there are two of ‘em, they’d be twice as smart. Not.

Ladies and gents… the one… the only… Elvis!

I hate to admit it, but Andy’s pretty cool–for a girl. She’s beast  at card tricks, and does a pretty mean bicycle kick when she’s not wearing a skirt.

Chance Striker
That’s me, in case you didn’t recognize the star quality and legendary smile. Need I say more?

Freckle Face
This kid’s not nearly as dumb as he looks. And he’s not such a bad midfielder. Those are both compliments.

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