How Team Sports Can Help Your Kid Learn

I’ve always lived and breathed soccer! So when I tried out for the middle school team this year I knew it would be a lot of fun. But what I didn’t realize is that I would learn a lot of other stuff too. Here are some of the life lessons I’ve learned from team sports:

Teamwork: Soccer’s helped me learn how to work together and solve problems with other people. Problems like how to avoid getting steamrolled by this Greenwich Middle School player who literally goes by “Bull.”

Discipline: My coach is always forcing us to do wind sprints and yelling about discipline. I hated it at first–but then I realized that our discipline was helping us win!

Leadership: I’ve learned a lot about leadership from soccer! Like the time I figured out how to take down a lanky player (we called him Spider Legs), and taught my teammates to do the same.

Time Management: To be honest, I’m still not the best at this. Mostly, I try to get as many deadline extensions for papers as I can! But soccer has still taught me a lot about managing my time well and balancing things like sports and school.

Character: Coach Hornbuckle mutters a lot about stuff that I think he picked up in the Marine Corps. But a lot of it’s pretty good advice once you actually understand what he’s saying. He’s taught me a lot–from learning to “embrace the suck,” to “improvise, adapt, and overcome” when faced with problems.

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