How to Help Your Shy Middle Schooler

I’m not exactly shy. But I know a lot of kids who are! Middle school can be an especially difficult time for kids to be shy because it’s such a social period. Here are some ways you can help your shy kid:

Don’t Compare Your Kid to Others: Different kids have different personalities–there’s nothing inherently wrong with shyness! Don’t make your kid feel bad for being shy, but accept them for who they are instead.

Build Their Self Worth: Even I’m self-conscious sometimes! It’s easy to worry about what other kids are thinking of me. It really helps when my mom and friends remind me of all the stuff I’m good at!

Coach Your Kid: It’s nice knowing I can go to my mom for help. Talk to your kids about some of the most difficult social situations, and give them some ideas on how they can handle them well.

Have Shy Adults Talk To Your Kid: If you’re outgoing, it can be hard to relate and connect with your shy kid. If you have any friends or trusted adults who struggle with shyness, ask them to share their experience with your shy kid.

Surround Your Kid With Friends: It’s a lot easier going into new situations with my friend Ronnie! Encourage your shy kid to spend time with people they know and feel comfortable being around. Push them to face new situations with help from their friends.

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