Don’t Forget your Kid’s Pearly Whites this Summer!



Summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule your child’s 6-month dental check-up and cleaning.

Here are a few tips to ensure a happy smile:

  • If your child has sensitive teeth, start having him use a toothpaste for sensitivity (Sensodyne, etc.) a couple of weeks before his visit
  • Make sure you schedule the visit well before a long vacation or sleep-away camp in case some work needs to be done (Remember Tom Hanks’s horrific cavity extraction in “Cast Away?”)
  • Try to find a dentist who talks directly to your kid about her dental hygiene.  It might be time to graduate from the cartoons and cotton-candy fluoride to a more grown-up experience
  • Say “no thanks” to the arsenal of plastic giveaways most dentists throw at you.  It might feel rude, but do our landfills really need more spinning tops and disposable floss sticks?
  • Don’t forget to schedule your OWN check up– Mom’s smile counts too!

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