5 Ways to Get your Kid NOT to Read

If your kids are anything like my younger brothers, then chances are it’s impossible to get them to read.  Watching Mom sure has taught me a lot about how to get them not to read.  Here are my top five expert tips:

  1. Make your kid read boring stuff.  It your daughter’s into reptiles and magic tricks, don’t ever get her any books about those subjects. Instead, give her books about unicorns and rainbows. That’s a surefire way to get her not to open another book for a while.
  2. Take only one book at a time out of the library.  That way, if your kid finishes it, or “loses” it accidentally, he’s got a great excuse not to read that day.
  3. Make reading a punishment. Did little Susie do something bad? Make her read an extra 15 minutes.  You’ll be teaching her math too: BAD BEHAVIOR+ PUNISHMENT=READING
  4. Over-schedule your kid after school and on the weekends with lots of sports and activities.  That way the only time left to read is when he’s too exhausted to even see straight.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t ever let your kid catch you reading yourself.  That might give him the wrong idea that reading is actually fun and worthwhile.


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