I Know What You Read Last Summer…

What’s worse than a horror movie? Hearing my Mom nag me all summer long about getting my required reading done. Unless you’re my geeky older sister Marla, this is usually how most kids spend their vacation. Here are some genius hacks to help your kid get it done in no time, so you can both move on to bigger and better things.

Hack #1: ACT LIKE READING’S NO BIG DEAL.  If you seem desperate about getting your kid to read, chances are she’ll run the other way. Instead, when your daughter asks to go to the pool with friends, say casually, “Sure, Honey–as soon as you do your reading, we’ll go!” If you treat reading as part of a hygiene routine, like brushing teeth, most likely your kid will too.

Hack #2: BE A BOOK SLEUTH. If your son has a choice of books to read, make sure you spend a few minutes doing some online research about them.  Kids tend to judge a book by its cover and have no clue about which ones they’ll really jive with. A book might look interesting or easy on the shelf, but by reading a couple of reviews and an excerpt, you’ll be able to know for sure.

Hack #3: SWAP OUT SCREENS FOR ZINES. No kid’ll choose reading over snap chat.  Here are some great hacks to limit screen time in your house: Put passwords on the computers so kids essentially have to get permission to use them; get time-limit phone apps and save your voice from all that nagging; lastly, keep “forgetting” to get new batteries for the t.v. remote control or video game console. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the screens, throw some cool interest magazines on the coffee table, or put a brain teaser book in the bathroom. (Yeah, I went there.)

Hack #4: USE PEER PRESSURE. Once school’s out, set the date for a July Summer Reading Barbecue, where your kid and his friends spend the first half hour talking about the summer reading book and questions.   If your kid doesn’t wanna look dumb in front of his friends, he’ll do the reading without any nagging. Once the books are closed, the party can keep going all summer long!

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