Chance Striker: One in a Million

To everyone watching, the chance of the ball making it in seems like one in a million. But, if you know anything about me by the end of this book, you’ll know that those are just the odds I live for.

-- Chance Striker: One in a Million

About the Book

Chance Striker is a modern-day, middle-school hero who knows how to put a “spin” on any challenge that comes his way. Born almost literally with two left feet, he’s somehow managed to become a rising soccer champion by age twelve, not to mention a killer dance partner at school– hopefully not literally.   Throw in a whacky, yoga-obsessed mom; a genius, hiccuping older sister; and a pair of sugar-addicted twin brothers, and it’s no wonder Chance is an expert at survival.

How different will middle school be? It’s the same mystery meat, Just a different flavor, right?

-- Chance Striker: One in a Million

At the start of sixth grade, Chance learns just how different things can get. After convincing his mom to let him have a pet chameleon, he still has to come up with the money to pay for it. He enlists the help of Ronnie, his best friend and genius “kidpreneur,” along with Andy, the cheeky new kid on the block who makes Chance question everything he thought he knew about girls. But even bigger problems arise when Chance is asked to play on the seventh-grade soccer team, and he comes face-to-face with the “Brick,” the menacing goalie who has even the squirrels in Central Park running for cover.

Can Chance come up with the money for his exotic, new pet? Will he withstand the “Big Dip” at the school’s dance recital? How will he outsmart the Brick and make it to the end of soccer season alive?  With a series of clever maneuvers, hilarious hijinks, and a colorful cast of characters, Chance faces his greatest challenge yet: surviving middle school.

Meet the Author and Illustrator
Salwa Emerson
Neil Kohney

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