Chance Striker: One in a Million

To everyone watching, the chance of the ball making it in seems like one in a million. But, if you know anything about me by the end of this book, you’ll know that those are just the odds I live for.

-- Chance Striker: One in a Million

About the Book

When Chance Striker, a 12-year-old city kid, finds himself on the eighth-grade soccer team, he’s arm-pit level with all of his teammates. What’s worse, he has to contend with a drill-sergeant coach and a whole roster of freakish rivals. Bull Pike holds the league’s yellow-card record; Carlos (just Carlos) the Brazilian mystery player shows up with his own entourage, and scary Harold The Howitzer has a cannon-for-a-right-leg that literally knocks Chance off his feet.

With the help of his best friends and a little luck, will Chance be able to spin his way out of trouble? Filled with hilarious hijinks and clever illustrations, Chance Striker: One in a Million is the first book in this brand-new middle-school series that will captivate young soccer fans, as well as reluctant readers.

Meet the Authors and Illustrator

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